Terms & Conditions - Meeting Rooms

The terms and conditions are applicable for meeting room reservations for at least 4 persons or more at Olympic Hotel Amsterdam, The Netherlands. If these conditions are not accepted or if the due payments/deposits are not received within the specified time period, Olympic Hotel has the right to cancel the reservation. The terms and conditions for meeting room reservations have to be accepted by signing it with the signature of the booker.


Meeting room reservations need to be made for a minimum of 4 persons and a minimum timeframe of 1 hour. The hotel will formulate a proposal for the requesting party. This proposal can be taken into consideration by the requesting party. The requesting party has 5 days to accept the proposal. After that a new proposal has to be made, if the requesting party does not accept within the 5 days limit.

Please note that during the proposal no spaces have been reserved yet for the requesting party. The spaces are still available for other bookers. The requesting party has the responsibility to accept the proposal as soon as possible.


There is a possibility to set an option before making the reservation. The hotel will communicate the date until the option will be valid. After this date, the option must be turned into a reservation or the reservation will be canceled automatically. In case of another request for the period requested, Olympic Hotel will contact you. You will then have 72 hours to confirm the reservation. If the reservation is not confirmed in this period, the optional reservation will automatically be canceled. 


Olympic Hotel reserves the right to change the required meeting rooms if needed. The start and end times noted in the confirmed proposal reflect the times at which the meeting room(s) are available to the booker. Upon request and based on availability, the booker may be granted an extended use of the meeting room(s). The hotel may charge additional fees for such extended use. Olympic Hotel must be notified of any changes and cancellations in writing.


The outstanding balance must be paid at least 2 weeks prior to arrival.


Booker is entitled to terminate (cancel) the agreement with respect to meeting rooms and/or additional services and/or hotel rooms (8 or more). Full or partial cancellation (including but not limited to changing the numbers) of the agreement by booker must be effected in writing. To establish the cancellation costs, the date on which the written confirmation from the hotel was received is assumed. 

In case of cancellation of the meeting room reservation, the following cancellation costs will apply:

- More than 6 weeks before the booked date: none
- 4 weeks or more before the booked date: 25% of the Booking Value.
- 2 weeks or more before the booked date: 50% of the Booking Value.
- Less than 2 weeks before the booked date: 100% of the Booking Value.

Booker is entitled to cancel 5% of the number of participants free of charge up to 48 hours before the booked date.