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Going for a coffee run – or sprint – in the morning? A quick lunch for champs? Or a casual comfort food dinner for a great finish of the day? Cafe Olympic is the neighbourhood’s dug-out to score some kick-ass coffee and comfort food in a casual vibe – all day long. Whether it’s the businessman from around the corner, a local Amsterdam South family or a hotel guest that just checked in. At Cafe Olympic, it’s anyone’s game. We believe that, just like sports, food has the power to connect people while making them feel like winners. And that’s the medal we’re striving for.

Our story:

It’s 1928, and Amsterdam is bustling. Not just because of the regular city dwellers, locals and tourists roaming around town. It’s something much greater than that. This year, Amsterdam hosts the Olympics. An event that will become the greatest sports event the country has ever experienced. Thousands of athletes, spectators and supporters gather from all corners of the globe. Excitement, enthusiasm and energy fill the air. Sports have the magical power to connect people. And at Cafe Olympic, we do just that.  

Whether it’s the businessman going for a coffee run in the morning, hotel guests grabbing a quick lunch before going out exploring or the local Amsterdam South family having a casual comforting dinner. At Cafe Olympic, it’s anyone’s game. The bistro-cafe, located in the Olympic Stadium neighbourhood, connects people in a way the sports event did in 1928. In a laid-back bistro atmosphere, guests are welcomed all throughout the day to fuel up with coffee, comfort food and casual vibes.

Cafe Olympic has a line-up of all-star players for their comfort food team. Coffee and cake to get a head start of the day. A quick and casual lunch with a carpaccio or club sandwich, caprese salad or croquettes on bread. And a slam dunk of juicy burgers and ribs, grilled lobster and steak, and home-style pastas to end the day. It’s medal-worthy comfort food. Because we believe that our food should serve the same purpose as sports – to de-stress and make you feel good.

For a quick start or an amazing finish - Cafe Olympic is the casual all-day destination to score some kick-ass coffee and comfort food.


Key Message:

For a head start in the morning or a delicious finish at night. With its kick ass coffee, comfort food and casual vibes, Cafe Olympic connects people while making them feel like champs.


Key Information:

Opening hours:

Dinner 17:00 – 22:00 hours, every day

Kitchen type: International Cuisine




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